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Less than five minutes walk from Plymouth town centre, our locally run salon is fully staffed with friendly and experienced consultants eager to give you the pampering you deserve. Everyone needs rest and relaxation time, which is why we cater for both men and women.

Lets Go Lashes - New at Beyond Beauty - Plymouth Beauty Salon

Billion Dollar Brows - New at Beyond Beauty Plymouth

Billion Dollar Brows New at Beyond Beauty in Plymouth

For perfect eyebrows try the world famous Billion Dollar Brows. Your eyebrows are tinted, measured, plucked under a magnifying glass and finished with professional eyebrow make up. Billion Dollar Brows

Start your collection of Disco Beads. We now stock this fabulous shiny jewellery at Beyond Beauty Plymouth

Collagen Bed - The First in Plymouth

    Our New Alisun 200 Collagen is the first in Plymouth. This truly amazing light theraphy bed builds up skins healthy collagen network and has visable anti-aging effect ....more

  • Collagen Bed Introductory Offer £99

    Have you tried out the Collagen bed yet? If not what are you waiting for, our introductory offer gives you an 8 week starter course (330mins) for only £99.